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Practical steps for building a strong, successful team.

The How To Guide

Welcome! I'm Savita Ferguson, a team effectiveness coach with a focus on software engineering teams. 

I've created this blog to give you practical advice, sprinkled with some of the philosophy behind it. It's meant to be a guide to figuring out what you can try in order to solve the issues you see or to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

This blog contains many many questions. Sometimes though, questions are exactly what you need when you're a bit stuck and need some perspective. Perspective is so important when trying to solve your teams problem, or when you're not even sure what the problems are in the first place! 

Read on for many questions and a sprinkling of creative ideas. And send me a note if there's a particular problem you'll like some creative suggestions on how to resolve.

Thank you. Enjoy :)

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High performing teams

It doesn't matter how talented individual contributors are, high performing teams rarely just evolve into such. It takes careful local...

Setting Boundaries

I asked a teammate, someone I consider a friend, to suggest a blog topic. His reaction - "boundaries, you are always talking about...

How do you know what to try?

Some years ago I worked with a team that was struggling to ship. It was a small team of 7 team members and they didn't really have any...

What does Agile even mean?

There's no shortage of opinion and ideas about Agile; there the manifesto and tons and tons of articles on Doing VS Being Agile. Yet...

Focus Time

No-one questions how important focus time is. All engineers, in fact all employees, need some uninterrupted time to focus on the task at...

Standup Meetings

Standup meetings are a quick, regular sync that enables a self-organizing team. Every word in that definition has importance: Quick -...


Retrospection is the single most important cultural habit to get right in order to have a self-organizing team. If the team have an...

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